b'WELCOME TOSKYPATHSo, the option forms are out and youve reached thepointwhereyouneedtostartmaking decisions about your future. Loving or hating schoolrightnow,itsyourchoicewhattodo once you leave, no one elses.In Skypath we want to tell you about one particular optionaerospace. Why? Well, not only is it a fascinating industry to work in, its also a thriving one. Millions of pounds of investment and thousands of new jobs are heading to Ayrshire, meaning great career opportunities for you.Aerospaceisntjustaboutmassiveenginesandpeople inoverallswearingsafetyspecs.Thatsjustatinybit of a much bigger picture. Aerospace can also mean travelling the world, having a fabulous lifestyle or designing the latest hypersonic aircraft that would fly you to New York from here intwohours(twohours!).Anythingispossiblewhenyou choose a career in aerospace. And its right on your doorstep too,atthePrestwickAerospaceCampus,hometosome of the worlds largest aerospace companies.Inside this magazine youll find articles on the types of jobs you can have in aerospace - as well as the space industry and air traffic control - and how much you could earn. There are features on seven local companies who are creating opportunities every single day. Youll hear from some new Apprentices and recently qualified Technicians, along with Senior Managers and people in supporting roles. Youll also find details on relevant college and university courses, along with advice on choosing the best subject options now to help you later on.Theaerospaceindustryiswaitingonyou. So have a look, be inspired and start choosing your path right now. Aim high and youll go far.The Skypath TeamSouth Ayrshire CouncilOne Location, Infinite Innovationprestwickaerospace.com3'