b'WorkingGE Apprentices complete their Gold in Duke of Edinburgh Award togetstarted APPRENTICESHIPSOneofthebestways THEinanaerospacecareeristhroughan apprenticeship.Thisusuallymeans undertaking a two-four year programme where you work four days a week and go AEROSPACEto college for one, to gain qualifications andyourtradepapers.Yourealmost guaranteedtobekeptoninafull-time jobafterwards,oftenwithoptionsto INDUSTRY continue with more qualifications if you choose.Mostofthecompaniesinthe PrestwickAerospaceCampusofferan Apprenticeship Programme. Apprenticesalariesusuallystartaround 14K - 15.5K and can rise to 20K per Designing, building and maintainingyear. Once qualified, Technicians earn on average27K.Engineerstypicallyearn aircraft takes thousands of peoplebetween30K-40K,withLicenced doing many different types of jobs.Engineer salaries around 52.5K to 60K.Thosejobsarentallforonetype ofpersoneither-allsortsofskills andpersonalitiesareneededforthe aerospace industry. So, what job would bestsuityou?Herearesomeideasto get you thinking. Manufacture & AssemblyDesign & Development Ifyoureinterestedinphysicallymaking things,thenmanufactureandassembly Aerostructures vary hugely in size and scalemightbeforyou.Inmanufacturingyoujust google the Boeing 737-500 and thecouldprogrammemachinestotoolnew Anotov 225 to see how much. So imaginepartsforaircraft,whileinassemblyyou thedesignchallengesforthesedifferentcould bring together structures like wings. types of aircraft. How would you like to beOnafinalassemblyline(FAL)youwould responsible for designing a new type of wingbeliterallybuildinganaeroplane.Once tomakeanaircraftmoreaerodynamic?manufacturingisupandrunning,and This will make it more efficient, saving onbeginning to ramp up speed, engineers on fuel and therefore on money for an airline.the assembly lines will feed back ways to Orperhapsyoudliketoresearchhowtoimprovethemanufacturingprocess,this come up with new substances by combiningis called continuous improvement. Always materials like graphene and composites, toaiming to make manufacturing quicker and create incredibly strong, unbelievably lightcheaper makes the company you work for new structures? more competitive. 14'