b'Where Careers BeginSpirit gives employees the opportunity todevelopthenextinnovationsin aerospace: a new material, efficient design, or new tools.Where Diversity is CelebratedAcross the company and in every functionadministration, manufacturing,engineering,IT,accountingandmore AtSpirit,thedefinitionofdiversitygoesbeyondrace, were looking for employees with big ideas. Could the nextgenderandage.Itconsidersalluniquequalitieseach aviation breakthrough begin with you? employeebringsjobexperience,travel,education, Your career might begin with a four-year apprenticeshiptraining, and more.at Spirit Prestwick, which will be advertised in FebruaryWe are committed to promoting diversity not only because 2020,viaspiritaero.comorapprenticeships.scot.it is the right thing to do, but because greater diversity Alternatively,thereareopportunitiestojoinSpiritresults in greater innovation and growth. People who come as a graduate, intern or gain experience via a schoolfrom different backgrounds have different ways of seeing placement.Formoreinformation,contactAdalinethe world. Combining those perspectives helps Spirit find Finlayson, adaline.finlayson@spiritaero.com. new ways to innovate for the future.Where Values are Lived Where Communities are BuiltSpirit operates according to three key values: Spirit is proud to be a global company with locations in Transparency - Being open, honest and respectful withvibrantcommunities.Asacompany,wearecommitted communication; sharing ideas and building trust.toenhancingthequalityoflifeforemployeesandthe communityatlargeandmakesignificantprofessional, Collaboration-Aligningactionswithothers;workingpersonal and financial investments at all our locations. together to achieve the best outcomes.YoucouldjoinTeamSpiritandsupportyourlocal Inspiration - Encouraging the best from others; leadingcommunity through raising funds for charity, supporting by example to boost innovation.environmental issues, or working with local schools.Practisingtransparency,collaborationandinspiration allowsSpirittobecustomer-focused,provideon-time delivery, improve quality and ensure safety - foundational outcomes that make Spirit a success.Spirit AeroSystems is a global organisation with lots of opportunities, here on your doorstep in Ayrshire. Visit spiritaero.com to find out more.29'