b'DID YOU KNOW?Its all about the money In 1987 American Airlines saved $40,000 a year by removing a single olive from each first-class in-flight meal. Like many industries, aerospace is driven by how much money a company can make by increasing savings and profits. Much of this is Daniel McNish, Senior Engineer at BAE Systems,through design and innovation. Could you be the person who works in product development will improve the efficiency of a manufacturing process? Could you help design lighter, more aerodynamic parts? Then you could be carrying out cutting edge research at Prestwick Aerospace to make big changes for the industry.Eilidh Gibson, Chevron HR Manager, meetsFormer Spirit Apprentice Anna NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock Manson is now a Quality Engineer with the companyQualityQualityiscriticalinaircraftmanufacture. Beforemassproductionofnewaircraft begins, new parts and test crafts go through rigorousandlengthytesting,priortobeing certified by industry bodies like the European UnionAviationSafetyAssociation(EASA). Some of those tests can be flying a new craft in extreme temperaturesso how would youMaintenance, like to be a test pilot flying a new aeroplane across the desert? Or you could stay on theRepair & Overhaulground in the labs, testing to make sure your craft is safe for the sky. An aeroplane should last for around 30 years before metal fatigue sets in and it needs to be retired. However, just like cars must have anMOT,aircraftneedcheckedtoo,after a certain numbers of flight hours. During these checks, the aircraft is maintained, repairs are carried out and there may be major overhauls. This Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is a major part of the aerospace industry. In Prestwick, theres a globally recognised hub of MRO which is growing every year. This means there will be even more jobs available for when you finish school, college or university.Lots of different support services underpin any aerospace company. These include sales, HR, finance, procurement, business development and IT.15'