b'Working inAIR TRAFFIC CONTROL DID YOU KNOW?The UK is the 3rd largest aviation network behind USA and ChinaEvery day across the globe,260 million people fly to and from around 100,000 commercialthe UK each yearplanes take to the skies -and thats not counting thousands more military or non-commercial aircraft. IntheUK,NATSisresponsibleforsafelyandefficiently controllingthevastamountofairtrafficinourskies.Atanyonesecond,therecouldIt has two centres - Swanwick in Hampshire, England and Prestwick - and also manages the air traffic control at 14 bebetween8,000and20,000UK airports.planes up above us. Making sureNATS Prestwick controls just under half of the UKs total air traffic, providing services from North of Birmingham everyone stays safe in the air is aover much of Northern England and Wales from 2,500ft up to 28,500ft, and from 2,500ft to 66,000ft over Scotland, responsible but highly rewardingNorthern Ireland and the North Sea. It also looks after the job. Do you think youve got whattraffic over the eastern half of the North Atlantic from the Azores to a boundary at Iceland.it takes to keep control? Managing all of this airspace involves dealing with around 15majorairportsthroughoutScotlandandtheNorthof England, including Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, aswellasco-ordinatingwithinternationalairportsjust outside NATS Prestwicks airspace boundary, such as Dublin and Amsterdam. It also involves working closely with the UKs surrounding countries of Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland and England, as well as Canada, USA, DID YOU KNOW? Ireland, Portugal, Spain and France.Aviation generates over 1 billion a week for the UK economy and 18 supports over 1 million jobs'