b'Working inTHE SPACE INDUSTRYScotlands space sector could beworth4billionby2030. Will you be part of it?Thefirstrocketmadeitto space in 1942. Since then weve putmanontheMoon,builtanPrestwick SpaceportInternationalSpaceStation PrestwickisaimingtoopentheUKsfirsthorizontal and now have ambitions to takespaceportby2022/2023.(Horizontalmeansratherthan rockets firing up the way into space, spaceplanes will take humans to Mars (as well as offeroff from the runway like a plane.) So by the time you leave school,therecouldbeentirelynewcareerpathsinthe outerspace mini-breaks to thosespace industry right here in South Ayrshire. Jobs like:who can afford it). Starting outMission Control Operativesto plan and monitor missionsas scientific exploration, spaceProject Managersto broker launch slots with launch isnowamulti-billionpound,providers and allocate staff to support missionsFixedBaseOperatorstofuellaunchersandprovide global industry. maintenance servicesBusinessDevelopmentOfficerstowinnewlaunch providersandpromotePrestwickSpaceportservices across the worldPLUS the companies providing launchers (spaceplanes) will need pilots to take spaceplanes to heights above 40,000ft andeventuallyintospace.Theyllalsoneedengineers to design, manufacture and maintain the spaceplanes.What else?Thespaceindustryasawholehasloadsmorecareer opportunities.Itsamassivesectorandaswellas spaceportsandlaunchers,involveseverythingfrom satellite design and manufacture, through to data analysis, earth observation, astrophysics, space lawyers (yes, really) and science communication. 16'