b'What isDID YOU KNOW?aerospace? Planes deliberately look like BIRDS Aerospace is all about designing, building andAeroplanes have been born from whats known as biomimicry - when nature is imitated to solve complex maintaining vehicles that flyhuman problems. Aircraft designers took inspiration from through the sky and space. the streamlined shape of birds to improve airflow and reduce So its not just about planes anddrag. Thats why aeroplane wings taper on the outside and parts of planes, but rockets andtake the same shape as bird wings. spacecraft too. The aerospace industry is made of companies specialising in one or more of these areas.DID YOU KNOW?One plane has MILLIONS of parts The average car has over 30,000 parts (which is a lot, when you think about it), so you Concorde operatesAirbus A380 makes first commercialmight guess a plane has first passengerflight from Singapore to Sydney,maybe ten times as many? supersonic flights surpassing the Boeing 747 with Try 200 times. Yip, a 747 has a maximum of 853 passengers over SIX MILLION parts. 1976 20071995 the future.First aircraft produced throughHypersonic aircraft and computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering, Boeings twin-engine 777 electric planesHypersonic flight happens at over Mach 5 - or 5 times faster than the speed of sound. Were talking 3,800mph. So well soon be able to travel to New York in 2 hours!7'