b'On average NATS Prestwick controls 3,900 flights per day.The all-time record is 4,685 flights in one day, on 25 May 2018.How does air traffic control work?Air traffic control is all about keeping aircraft safely separated to avoid collision. Air Traffic Controllers achieve this by allocating different heights to aircraft orby arranging minimum horizontal distances between them.UK airspace contains a network of corridors or airways. These are usually 10 miles wide,reachupto25,500feetandconnectbusyareasofairspacecalledTerminal Control Areas which are normally above major airports. Collectively, these are known as Lower Airspace. The area above 25,500 feet to 46,000 feet is known as Upper Airspace.All of this airspace - Lower and Upper - is designated controlled airspace. Within this, pilots must follow the controllers instructions. Outside controlled airspace, where hobbyists fly for example, pilots take full responsibility for their own safety, though they can ask NATS for help.Is Air Traffic Control for me? What subjects or skills do I need to work at NATS? What type of people do NATS employ? NATS need Air Traffic Controllers, graduates, undergraduates,NATS look for driven, proactive and committed individuals, Engineering Technicians and Apprentices, so they look for lotswith a natural talent for innovation and problem solving.of different skills and backgrounds. You do need at least fiveHow do I get started? National 5s, grade A - C, including English and Maths. PeopleHead to the NATS website at www.nats.aero/careers/ for who have studied STEM subjects are very much in demand, asmoreinformation.Youllalsofindcurrentopportunities well as those with a business and commercial mindset. acrossNATS,aswellascognitiveskillsgamestoseeif youve got the aptitude to be an Air Traffic Controller.How much could I earn at NATS? It depends on the role, but heres a rough guide: Undergraduate (Industrial Placement Students):17,500Graduate:28,000 Trainee Air Traffic Controller: basic salary of17,000 plus benefits package Newly qualified Air Traffic Controller:37,014 - 41,253 Experienced Air Traffic Controller: with yearly salary progression, potentially over100,000(inclusiveof shift pay)19'