b'KEY AREAS Global Defence, Aerospace and BAESystemswide-rangingproductsandSecurityservices cover Air, Land and Maritime sectors,40 countriesaswellasadvancedelectronics,security, information technology and support services.83,100 BAESystemsPrestwickisaCapabilityHubemployees supplyingEngineering,SupplyChainand250 at Prestwick IM&T skills to the Air sector across the globe involvedinarangeofMilitaryprogrammes whilesupportingallofBAESystemsCivil Aircraft types. What we do at BAE Systems PrestwickWereinvolvedallacrosstheaerospaceindustry,fromnewproduct development to in-service support. We support live aircraft flying across the globe on a 24/7 basis, including those that fly the Prime Minister. We also work on exciting development programmes which aim to advance hybrid power systems and support vital defence programmes across the wider business. The careers we offerOurrichaerospaceheritagegoesbackover70years.Herein2020 we continue to offer fantastic opportunities for future generations of engineers and technically-minded people from diverse backgrounds. Its our people were most proud of. Here are just a few of the team who helpAndy Gray, Technicalmake BAE Systems Prestwick the business it is today. Support Manager AndyservedintheRAFbeforejoining Yvonne Neil, Chief EngineerBAESystems.Hesperformedmany Yvonnesupportsafleetofhundredsofaircraftonadailybasis.Sheduties from close technical support for joined the business as an Apprentice Aircraft Electrician before movingairlines, to project managing the service to the Design team developing new aircraft. Yvonne has worked her waythat flies government ministers. Its the up through various projects to a position of significant responsibility. Invariety of our customers that provides her current role she has to understand whats happening with aircraftAndy with the most satisfaction. operatingaroundtheworld,helpingtodiagnoseproblemsandagreeAndysays:Mostpeopleassociate what we need to do to fix them. She also takes on the approval of newaircraft as a mode of transport. But we modificationstotheaircraftandhelpsdevelopEngineersacrossthesupport aircraft that do amazing things business. likeflyacrossNorthAmericafighting Yvonne says: You never know what youllface each day. Its really satisfyingforestfires,oraresearchaircraftthat solving problems in real time and helping airlines to keep flying safely.performs vital studies across the world to help the scientific community understand theatmosphericenvironment.Getting closetoeachofthesecustomers, understanding what they need and being able to help them is really rewarding. Aerospaceisafascinating industry. It offers a dizzying array of challenges for the manyprofessionalswho work in it across the UK.Yvonne with Michael Stewart, 30 Senior Design Engineer'