b'C HOOSING YOURsubjectsSo,yourlifeisalreadybusyand ontopofitall,younowhaveto pick subjects that will shape your careerfortheRESTOFYOUR LIFE. No pressure.Butheresthegoodnews-in theaerospaceindustry,careersTHE BIG TWOcanbefluidandadaptable.This Manyaerospacecareersareunderpinned means a few key subject choicesby two subjects. Youve guessed it - maths now will open up a whole world ofandphysics.Butbeforeyouchangeyour mind right now, heres why its honestly not possibilities for you in the future. as bad as you might think:YOU DO THE MATH SOME PERKS OF PHYSICSThe best thing about maths is not actually to do with numbers,Physicsorganisestheuniverseandexplains but that youre learning a universal language. If you follow aeverything,sothatsimpressiveforstarters. career in aerospace, one day you could be solving aerodynamicItsalsocompletelyweird.Quantumphysics equations with colleagues in countries all over the world - andwasliterallyreferredtoasspookyaction youll communicate through maths. So studying maths now atat a distance. So not only does physics school could lead to you developing amazing new hypersonicexplain everything around us, it keeps aircraft in the future - perhaps not the first thing you think ofposingnewquestionstoo.(Also when youre trying to find X right now. Marvel loves physics - remember when Ant-Man got stuck in the quantum realm?)HERE COMES THE SCIENCE BITBy picking two key subjects like maths and physics, youll study the forces of aerodynamics which will help to shape - literally - aeroplanes and spaceplanes of the future. Its a fantastic career path that can flex over time to allow you to continue to develop new interests and skills in the workplace. AND its all on your doorstep in Prestwick!20'