b'WOODWARDS CURRENTFor more APPRENTICES information Demi-Lee McGee and MarkvisitAllan started apprenticeshipswoodward.comwith Woodward in the summer of 2019.Demi-LeeQ. Why did you choose engineering? thousands of pounds! We carry out Demi-Lee: I have always wanted to bea full clean and if somethings wrong, anengineerasmyGrandadworkedwe advise an engineer.for various aerospace companies andQ. What do you like best aboutwas my inspiration. I also heard thereyour apprenticeship?were good opportunities for women.Mark:Itsverypractical,and Q. How did you get into Woodward? everyonehereisreallysupportive Mark:Webothcompletedanofyoudevelopingyourhandskills SVQinPerformingEngineeringandgainingqualifications.Youre Operations at college. Then we didalso100%guaranteedajobasa work experience here and were bothTechnician on completion. offered a job at the end of it. ThatsQ. What are your futureusually how Woodward operates. Ascareer ambitions?part of the work experience, theyreDemi-Lee:Idliketoworkmyway testing your physical skills, how wellup.FromApprenticeTechnician, Mark you do the job and how you get ontoLeadTechnician,Supervisorwithotherpeople.Itsdifferenttoand eventually Mechanical Engineer. the usual type of interview.Thats the plan!Q. What kind of tasks are you workingMark: I want to keep going and gain on just now? morequalifications.IfeelluckyWHAT CAN YOU EXPECTDemi-Lee: Im shadowing a technician,to be here and want to spend my full AS A WOODWARDlearning about overhauls and repairscareeratWoodward,soImgoing APPRENTICE? toaircraftparts.Westripthefullto keep working hard.unit down, placing parts into trays. Agoodsalary wellpayyoumoreWehavetobeverycarefulnotto than the current minimum wage rate forlose anythinga tiny bolt can cost an apprentice. Qualifications youll spend two years working four days and going to college on day-release. After that, if you want to keep progressing, well support you rightANDY, THE GENERALup to degree level.Great working conditions as partMANAGER, CALLS US THE of a friendly and helpful team, youll feelFUTURE OF THE COMPANY. valued, looked after and have the support of your colleagues whenever you need it. ITS A BRILLIANT OPPORTUNITY, Future opportunities once qualified asatechnician,youcouldfindyourselfI PLAN TO STAY HERE AND training on new technologies at our HQ inPROGRESS AS FAR AS I CAN.Illinois, USA.27'