b'THE INHERENT COMPLEXITY OF AIRCRAFT, ALONG WITH ITS OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE ENVIRONMENTS, AND FAST-DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES, MEANS THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY NEVER STANDS STILL.Daniel McNish, Senior EngineerDavid McCarrell, Engineering ManagerBAESystemsPrestwickisalsoinvolvedincreatingtheBeingpartofaglobalaerospaceanddefencecompany future of aerospace. Daniel works on a product developmentalsobringswideropportunitytoPrestwick.Davidleads programme and is looking to demonstrate hybrid electrica team of engineers working across a number of defence propulsion on a flying test aircraft. He joined BAE Systemsprogrammes.Withabackgroundinmanufacturing, aftergraduatinginEngineering,workingacrossflightstructuresanddesign,Daviduseshisbroadteam operationssupportandotherengineeringdevelopmentsleadership skills to deliver a range of engineering services before moving to this exciting project. to programmes including Typhoon and F-35 Lightning II. Daniel says: Our role is to make sure the new technology isDavid says: The broad scope of our company always brings designed and installed in a manner that is safe to test. Thisnew challenges to our teams and keeps us involved in the involves a lot of modelling and analysis, and a great deal oflatest programmes. We have a clear role to play in current and teamwork between everyone. Its very challenging but greatfuture defence developments using our vehicle engineering when it comes together. and technical information skills.These are just a few of our people at Prestwick and their different career stories within BAE Systems. With a strong role to play in Scotlands future aerospace industry, what will your story be with us? For more information, email: alan.a.wilson@baesystems.com31'