b'ALL ABOUT What is aerospace?AEROSPACE Aerospace is all about designing, building and maintaining vehicles that fly through the sky and space.So its not just about planes and parts of planes, but rockets and Can you imagine a world without aeroplanes? Or what the future will bespacecraft too. The aerospace like with them? Since early civilisation, humans have wanted to fly andindustry is made of companies specialising in one or more of developments in aerospace made that dream possible. Heres a quickthese areas.recap on our ongoing fascination with flight and a look forward to where aerospace is going next.The Wright brothers create firstComet starts regular passenger successful airplane, makingservices as first jet-powered first controlled and poweredcommercial aircraft between flight in North Carolina London and South Africa1903 1952Key moments in flight.1783 1933 1970First human flightBoeing introducesBoeing 747 makes its first in hot air balloon,first moderncommercial flight from New York to built by Montgolfier commercial airline,London - holding 480 passengers,brothers in Paris the 10-seater 247becomes known as the Jumbo Jet6'