b'Collins AerospaceInvests in PeopleIn1998RohrAeroServices(nowapartofCollinsAerospace)hiredtwo apprentices,includingDerekMackin.NowaRegionalDirectorofBusiness Development, Derek covers four Collins Aerospace MRO facilities and travels acrossEurope,theMiddleEastandAfrica.Healsomanages14Business Development Managers.Q. How did you get started at Collins?A. At the end of 5th year at school I wanted to become an architect. However, once I realised it involved seven years at university I decided against it as Id rather be earning money. My mother handed me an application form for an apprenticeship at Rohr and told me to fill this in! I was offered the apprenticeship in 1998 and Ive never looked back.Q. How has your career path developed at Collins?A. My apprenticeship gave me a fantastic grounding for progressing my career. Ive held nine roles of increasing responsibility, prior to my current one, as well as secondment roles as acting General Manager in different sites around the world. Mycurrentroleisextremelyinterestingbutverychallenging.BusinessDevelopment covers three different customer support aspects for Collins including piece part sales, major nacelle asset sales and MRO services. I love the challenge of having to be creative in terms of how we support our airline customers. Q. How have Collins supported your education? Derek MackinA. Investment in education is important to Collins and is available to everyone through the Employee Scholar Program. As well as internal courses provided over the years, Ive also benefited from academic courses from SVQ level 2 & 3 in Engineering through to my Executive MBA. Collins AerospaceValues ApprenticesDerek Forsyth is a Mechanical Inspector at Collins Aerospace. He has been with the company for 20 years, starting with an apprenticeship. As a Qualified Tradesmanforover16years,hisjobistoinspect,dismantle,repairand reassemble damaged and worn aircraft structures.Derek says: Over the years Ive learned valuable skills and travelled all over the world repairing aircraft for many different airlines. One part of the roleIparticularlyenjoyistrainingthenewapprenticesandpassingonthe skills Ive learned. Collins gives all their employees amazing opportunitiesto develop and to specialise in areas such as management and production.Derek ForsythCollins AerospaceSupports EqualityFiona Phillips is a Senior Stress Engineer at Collins Aerospace. Her job is to decide how to repair damaged aircraft structures and to analyse repairs. Fiona studied Aeronautical Engineering at university and started at Collins Aerospace as a summer student. She liked it so much, she applied for a job after graduating.Fiona says: Its a really interesting job as I work with many different materials like carbon fibre and titanium. I like working for Collins as its a company where you can make a difference. If you can think of a better way to do something, youre empowered to make changes.Whilefemaleengineersareoutnumbered,Idontthinkthisisduetoalackofgenderequality.Ithinkengineeringisachallengingjobformostpeople, regardless of gender, but thats why its so rewarding. Ive recently been selected for a leadership programme and am very proud to work for a company which believesin developing people and promoting diversity in leadership.Fiona Phillips 35'