b'AERONAUTICAL COURSES Herearethefouraeronauticalcoursesyou can study at Ayrshire College, along with the qualifications youll need to apply. Youll also need to come in for interview.SVQ Performing Engineering Operations - Aeronautical ThreeNational4sorequivalentpreferably inEnglishandMaths,withoneother relevant subject such as Physics, Practical Metalworking or Practical Woodworking ORA relevant NC course at SCQF Level 4 or equivalentIts almost time to choose your subjects,NC Aeronautical whichisanexcitingtimebutcanalsoEngineering *beabitconfusing.Youllprobablyhave manyquestions:Whichsubjectsshould FourNational5sorequivalentincluding I take?, How do I get the job I want?, Am IMaths and Physicsright for this? Were here to answer all ofORthese questions about studying towards aA relevant NC course at SCQF Level 5 or equivalentcareer in the aerospace industry.Q.WhyshouldeveryonebeconsideringacareerinHNC Aircraft Engineering *aerospace right now?TwoHighers,ideallyinMathsandPhysics, A.BecauseAyrshireisabouttoget200mfromthePLUS National 5 in Englishgovernment in whats called the Ayrshire Growth Deal, andORa big portion of that money will go towards the aerospace sector. Youre at the perfect age to benefit from this, asArelevantNCcourseatSCQFLevel6or newjobswillbecreatedrighthereinAyrshireandnewequivalent, such as Aeronautical, Mechanical skillswillberequired.AircraftengineeringoffersmanyorElectricalEngineering,orFoundation opportunities. The skys the limit if youre dedicated andApprenticeship in Engineering.willing to work hard. Q. What subjects should I choose?A.TomakesureyoulandacareerinthisamazingHND Aircraft Engineeringindustry,youshouldreallythinkaboutchoosingMathsAn HNC in Aircraft EngineeringandSciencesubjects(particularlyPhysics).Theseare the subjects we look for when were recruiting students*If you dont have any formal qualifications, but toourNCAeronauticalEngineering,HNC/HNDAircrafthave life experience, then well also consider Engineering and SVQ Performing Engineering Operations you for a place on this course, so please call us Aeronautical courses. for a chat.Q. Why Ayrshire College?A. Our state-of-the-art Aeronautical Engineering Training Centre-basedattheAyrCampus-givesyouthebest possible training environment for this industry. Our students work on real aircraft parts, as well as simulators, during their practical work. We also have excellent relationships with every major aerospace employer in Ayrshire, with theFor more information on likes of GE Caledonian, Spirit AeroSystems, BAE Systems,all our courses please visitCollins Aerospace, Ryanair and Collins Aerospace recruiting directly from Ayrshire College. www1.ayrshire.ac.uk40'