b'WHY STEMS A GOOD CHOICE FOR EVERYONECareers Advisors recommend choosing STEM subjects as theyhelp you develop skills which are relevant to all careers:Communication Working logically and methodicallyTeamworkFollowing Time management instructions Problem solving Attention to detailWorking underRespecting rules pressure and procedures,Viktoryia especially healthParkhamovichResilience & safetyDigital literacySTEM CAREERS Q&A WITH LOCAL YOUNG PEOPLE Ali LaurieViktoryia Parkhamovich Ali LauriePrestwick Academy pupil, now Apprentice Aircraft Belmont Academy pupil, now MEng Aero-Mechanical Mechanic, GE Caledonian Engineering, Strathclyde University Q. What advice would you give to learners who are aboutQ.Whatadvicewouldyougivetolearnerswhoare tochoosetheirexamsubjectsandareconsideringabout to choose their exam subjects and are considering a STEM career? a STEM career?A. Choose something that will make YOU happy, no matterA. Sciences and Maths are compulsory subjects for anyone what it is. We are best inspired and motivated when we loveconsidering a career in STEM. I also found taking Computing what we do. Sciencevaluabletomydegreepersonally.Choosinga Q. What do you think are the best skills and experiencesmodern language will also broaden your horizons for future thatsomeonecanbringtoyourjobasanApprenticeemployabilitysignificantlyandfinally,technicalsubjects Aircraft Mechanic? such as Graphic Communication can be extremely useful, especially for courses involving engineering design.A. Good work ethic, a good listener, somebody who enjoysI would also make sure to get as many qualifications as hands on tasks and has good communication skills.you can at school - a lot of topics covered in first year at universityisrevisionfromHigherandAdvancedHigher before leading on to the hard stuff.21'