b'Jack Quinn (Year 3 Apprentice)Career opportunities at Chevron They are many different roles at Chevron Aircraft Maintenance. Here are a few of our technical ones:Apprentices B1 EngineersWhat they do What they doOur Apprentices are put through a 4 year programme, whereB1LicensedEngineersarespecialistaircraft they work four days a week gaining hands on experience in themechanics hired to plan, organise and carry out aircraft hangar environment, and attend Ayrshire College one day amaintenance checks.week.At college, Apprentices work towards full completionWhat you need to applyof an HNC in Aeronautical Engineering, with the option to complete an HND in year 4. Apprentices also complete andCAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Modules receive an SVQ Level 3 in Aeronautical Engineering which is work based and on the job learning. B2 EngineersWhat you need to apply What they doNational 5s in Maths, Physics and EnglishAB2Engineerfocusesonmanagingthenecessary OR maintenanceandrepairchecksconcernedwiththe electrical systems and equipment on an aircraft.Performing Engineering OperationsAeronauticalWhat you need to applyOR CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) ModulesFoundation ApprenticeshipMechanicsWhat they do Working Hours Aircraft Mechanics play an essential role in the repair andAt Chevron Aircraft Maintenance, technical staff work on a maintenanceofaircraftandtheircomponents.Theyareshift rotation from 7am to 7pm. You might also be called in responsibleforperformingroutinechecksonaircraftto work for an AOG (aircraft on ground) scenario! systems, such as electrical, communications and hydraulicApprenticesandsomeofficestaffworkfrom8am systems.Theyarealsoon-handtohelprepairaircraft4.30pm,howeverextrahourscanbeworkedand that have experienced problems or damage. For example,Apprentices also attend college on day-release.thosewhospecialiseinavionicswillfocusonelectrical systems, while structural mechanics will work on airframeApprenticeship Opportunities components. Were starting our recruitment campaign for our 2020 What you need to apply Apprentice intake in February 2020. Well be advertising Apprenticeship papers, SVQ 3on our company website and social media, including in Aeronautical Engineering Facebook and LinkedIn.33'