b'DID YOU KNOW?The first woman in space was only 26 Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova was the first and youngest woman to go into space in 1963. She is the only woman to have been on a solo space mission and orbited the Earth almost 50 times in three days on Vostok 6, her only space trip. She also passed through Prestwick Airport while on a UK visit in 1963!The Billionaire Space Race Three of the worlds highest profile Scotlands Space Sector businessmen are competing to take tourists into space. Wholl get there first?There are now over 130 space organisations in Scotland, with Glasgow the largest centre ofElon Musk small satellite manufacture in Europe. ThinkMusk created his fortune through co-about itjust 30 miles or so up the road, morefounding PayPal. He invested some of satellites are being built than anywhere elsehis millions in founding SpaceX which inEurope.Onedayitcouldbeyoucodinghas the ultimate goal of allowing people thesoftwaretobeloadedontoasatellite,to live on other planets, including Mars. automatingasatelliteassemblyprocess,SpaceXs first cargo mission to Mars is analysingdatafromsatelliteconstellationssetfor2022,withacrewedmission tomonitortheicecapsorpreparinglegaltofollowin2024.Passengerflights contracts for launch operators. around the moon are planned for 2023.Spacecareeropportunitiesareincreasing as the space sector grows, and to have the chancetobecomeinvolvedwithsucha dynamic industry - and on your own doorstepRichard Branson-isanamazingopportunity.WhynotstartBranson established the Virgin Group in choosing your own space path now? the 1970s which now controls over 400 companies. He founded Virgin Galactic Pawe Opaska/123RF.com in 2004 with the aim of creating the worldsfirstcommercialSpaceline. Reportedly over 600 people - including Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio - have already paid the deposit on a 200,000 ticket for a seat on one of the first 90 minute flights.DID YOU KNOW?Space Oddity wasJeff Bezosactually sung in spaceBezos set up Amazon in 1994 from his David Bowies iconic song was coveredgarage, and is still its CEO. In 2000 he on the International Space Station byfoundedhumanspaceflightcompany Colonel Chris Hadfield in 2013. The songBlue Origin. With a vision of a future was first released in 1969 as an ode towhere millions of people live and work space travel. Who would have thoughtin space, Blue Origin is committed to 44 years later it would be sung by anbuilding a path to space, with reusable astronaut while orbiting Earth? launchvehiclesandloweraccess costs.Theyreaimingforpassenger trips to the Moon by 2024.17'