b'Dream Job in Dubai: Laurens StoryLauren Rugg completed a 4-year apprenticeship with GE, gaining an HNC in Manufacturing Engineering. She then spent two years building Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) modules for the GEnx engine - used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - before moving to Dubai as an On-wing Support Technician. Lauren says:Imhavingthechancetotraveltheworld.Icanbedeployed anywheretocarryoutmaintenancework,moduleremoval or installation, or other tasks on different engine types. In my first year I went to Paris, London, Tanzania, Bangkok and Oman.Im already planning whats next. I want to remain in Dubai and keep expanding my knowledge and experience on different engine types. Imcurrentlyco-leadingalargeprojectfortheGP7200engine. My next goal is to lead this job.GE offers amazing opportunities. They provide you with the best facilities, and the best training on the best engines! They also have a great reputation all over the world.Being female in this industry hasnt fazed me. I dont feel theres any difference made at all. Its what you make of it. If you work hard and youre keen to learn, your gender doesnt matter.I would definitely recommend a career in aerospace.Its an interesting job that you can do anywhere in the world, earning great money!Find out moreGE Apprenticeships are advertised on jobs.gecareers.com, in Ayrshire College and through Skills Development Scotland website, apprenticeships.scot Award Winning Apprentice: Frasers StoryFraser Wallace first encountered GE while on work experience inS4.HedidaFoundationApprenticeship(FA)withGEtwo afternoonsaweekwhilestillatschool,andthenappliedfor a Modern Apprenticeship. In 2018 he won Foundation Apprentice of the Year, as well as Scottish Apprentice of the Year.Fraser says:Im currently a third year Apprentice Mechanic. I work three days and go to Ayrshire College for two, to do an HNC in Manufacturing.So far my career has been fun and eventful. There are challenges, butlifeatGEoffersgreatexperiencesandopportunities. I achieved my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, which was brilliant.Even the early starts are worth it. We work 7am-3pm, Monday to Thursday, stopping at 1pm on a Friday. Getting up early was tough at first, but you soon get used to it. An apprenticeship has definitely been the right route for me.I feel really lucky because I enjoy what I do and it feels great. I work with a good bunch of folk and Im gaining qualificationsall while getting paid!Once Ive completed my apprenticeship, I plan to stay with GE. Id like to do a BEng degree, as Im always looking to challenge myself. This would also open up other opportunities in my career which, right now, looks really exciting.25'