b'KEY AREAS Aircraft Maintenance Chevron Aircraft Maintenance, PrestwickChevron Technical Services, Manchester123 employeesChevronprovidescompleteaerospace solutionsfortheaircraftmaintenanceFor further information, industry.Ourservicesincludeplease contact Chevrons STEM Group -ComponentRepair&Overhaul,PieceSTEM@chevron.org.ukor PartManufacture,AircraftFuelTankvisit chevron.org.ukRepairTeams,AircraftMaintenance, AssetManagement,AircraftInteriors, AircraftonGround(AOG)Supportand RecruitmentServices.Ourcultureis based on offering a quality service and we take pride in what we do and the way that we do it.Withover40yearsofaircraftengineeringexperiencesupporting worldwide based organisations, Chevron has the track record, expertise and the versatility necessary to satisfy the most demanding standards required by the aerospace industry.AswellasourfacilitiesinPrestwickandManchester,wealsohave OperatingLineStationsinSchipholAmsterdamAirport,ManchesterCaitlin McDowall International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport. (Year 1 Apprentice) Example Project: Mogadishu A321 Repair Followingamid-airterroristattackonanAirbusA321,Chevronwas contracted by a leasing company to rescue a stranded aircraft that had made an emergency landing at Mogadishu International Airport in Somalia. Chevron managed the job entirely, including shipping of all scaffolding, generators, tooling and repair parts. The work involved cutting out the damagedareaandinstallingatemporaryrepair.AlladditionalMPD (Maintenance Planning Documents) tasks were performed by Chevron inOur hangar facility based preparation for a one-off flight to Jordan.at Prestwick Airport is Theexercisewasperformedinthemidstofunrestinthearea,capable of taking aircraft demonstrating our professionalism and commitment to our customers. up to a B747-400!32'